How to use Skype

Download-skypeSkype is a free chat and video calls. It was acquired by Windows in 2006 and then integrated services to all windows.

How to start using Skype.

The main thing to start is to create a Skype account. Ustes has 2 chances to start using Skype for free:
1- Create a Skype account: You can create a new Skype account from the official website Simply add your personal information, choose a username and password. Remember that Skype is free, so data will never ask for your credit card.
2- Using a Microsoft account: If you already have a Microsoft, Live, Hotmail or Outlook account, simply enter your username and password, and you can start using Skype.

Skype-loginHow to download and install Skype.

You can use Skype free from any device with Internet connection. You can have Skype on your mobile phone, table, laptop, pc and tv. You can enter any of these with your personal account Skype.
To do this you have 2 options!
1- Install the program or application to your computer, phone or tablet, entering page Skype, or from download sites according to their Androir applications (Google Play) or IOS (App Store) device.
2- Enter from now Skype is integrated with email services Windows Live, Hotmail and Outlook. Simply you have to activate the option of Skype which is in the upper right corner. It is the simplest and easiest way.

How to Download and Install Skype

Download-skypeSkype is a program that allows video conferencing for free.
It is available for all devices that have an Internet connection. They can install Skype from your desktop or laptop.
Also available for mobile phones and tablets, even smart tv.

How to start using Skype?

To install Skype ustes simply you have to enter the official Skype website and download the version you need ustes, TV, smartphone, Windows PC or Mac.
Well you have to create a free Skype account. If ustede has a Microsoft account, Live, Hotmail or Outlook, you can also enter through these accounts.
Use Skype is a simple, and free. The program will automatically recognize your video device and microphone to start video calls.
You can add other Skype contacts easily. You can also tell your friends aa your Skype account so that they add to you.